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KuldePartner AS is a company established to take care of tasks in commercial, maritime and industrial heating- and cooling systems.


We can design most types of heating and cooling systems, supply the necessary parts and perform the work needed.

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Finally an air to air heating pump with made for Nordic climate.


General was probably one of the first manufactorers to make an air to air heating pump designed from the scratch with specifications particularly made for the Nordic climate. It is constructed to work at extremely cold outside temperatures.


ASHG09KHCA inside unit, heating capacity of KW 3,2(0,9-7,2)

AOHG09KHCAN outside unit


From big to small rooms

  • Superb heating abilities and environmentally friendly cooling gas
  • Extra advanced distrubution of air streams
  • Aircondition and heat pump of same model
  • Made for Nordic climate

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